Vinod’s professional business experience within the realm of finance has spanned 20 years, encompassing such noteworthy roles as: Intermediate Account Director and Director of Finance for Globalive Communications. In 2015, Vinod became V.P. Finance for The Wish Group and has since advanced to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In this capacity, he has been responsible for a wide range of initiatives involving business and fiscal affairs such as acquisitions of the Wish Group and has been heavily involved in the administration and presentation of fiscal and business issues to the CEO and President.

As CFO, he is responsible for The Wish Group’s accounting, organizational performance metrics, payroll, facilities planning and management, purchasing, and risk management. Vinod’s past experience in managing finance in holding companies has led him to easily adapt to working with the team of visionaries, enthusiasts, and operators at The Wish Group.

Vinod attributes his success to streamlining the finance department’s day-to-day processes, which in turn led to increased efficiency within the department.

His acumen for recognizing how to optimize fiscal dynamics within a corporate structure aligns with his affinity for streamlining business processes to ensure the continued success of the organization. This has allowed him to envision, empower and execute.

“I joined Wish Group because I believed in the company,” said Vinod. “I know that I can utilize my skills to bring Wish Group to the next level.”