S1E1 People, Recruitment and Hiring Best Practices

By January 4, 2017Episode 1, Bootstrap, Season 1


  • Kombay says:

    You probably use someone like Chris Duncan as your ideal template. I hear she was a driving force for 2 of your start ups and a very snappy dresser.

    • Yes, Chris Duncan is a Wish Group legend! We try not to use a strict template since we might miss out on potential candidates who can grow their potential, but we definitely look for similar signs of greatness.

  • Leo Mauro says:

    Hi Frank, I truly valued learning more about the your involvement in the selection process appreciating your organizations vision, passion, quality initiatives, investing in growing your employees and fostering of work excellence.
    What I understood from this video was that you adhere to fairness, diversity, transparency, sound judgment, empowering employees, coaching, goal setting, and champion employees. Your central focus was on employees and I think WISH GROUP is more than about people it’s about team work which is a crucial part of a business. This means a sense of unity, of enthusiasm for common interests. responsibilities that creates synergy, and empowerment. This is very important is my business and also to me personally and what you look for in people that share common interests and goals.

    • Thanks for the feedback Leo, I think you’ve summarized the Wish Group values correctly and sounds like you’ve implemented similar in your business which should result in a passionate, dedicated and engaged team!

  • tim lang says:

    Excellent video, information and advice as always. Frank continues to help inspire, and we have had him speak to our BizStart Entrepreneurial training groups and they get so much out of Frank. Not just great , super valuable information, but passion and purpose.

    • Thanks for the kind words Tim, I love speaking to your group at the Youth Employment Services! It’s great hearing their ideas and feeding off their energy. I’m pretty sure I get more out of it than they do! 🙂

  • Jeff Lem says:

    Excellent points about owners being on the constant look out for talent and a cautionary note around a company outgrowing your startup team. The video strikes a nice balance between high production quality and set simplicity which allows one to focus on your message Look forward to the next video and thank you for sharing your abundant experience and wisdom.

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