S1E5 Always Be Closing

By February 28, 2017Episode 5, Bootstrap, Season 1


  • J. B. says:

    Quite cursory in the details. As a company predicated on Sales I would think there would be a more nuanced approach to your process. I’ve had the privilege of working for sales org’s big and small and the topics discussed here would be Day 1 of any training regiment. KPI measurement and assessment is pretty obvious. Maybe next time provide something that’s more tangible and developed. It sounded like a Google search was done and that info was just regurgitated.

    • Hey J.B. Thanks for the note! We have received a few comments about getting more granular in our approach to Bootstrap and make it more “tips based” or “process based” which we are considering for future projects. The feedback and comments have had us consider a long format series where we can spend 30 minutes on each topic and provide more insights. With that being said the idea of this post was simply to ensure that all Bootstrap start ups put the proper attention on sales which isn’t always the case.

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