Momentum: having co-founded and invested in Momentum in 2004, Momentum operated as a stand-alone conferencing service provider, being under a non-compete clause due to the divestiture of Enunciate, Wish was unable to increase their equity stake until 2012.  Discussions began as far back as 2012 but the time was finally right for CEO Steven Niven to provide his shareholders a liquidity event so together with Wish the outstanding shares were acquired and the operations of Momentum were merged with both Evolve Collaboration and The Streaming Network to establish a truly national collaboration company which is now among the nation’s largest.

Peoplestore: having co-founded Peoplesource with John Nalli back in 2003, they decided to launch Peoplestore in 2009 which John grew to be the fastest growing staffing companies in the emerging e-commerce and logistics vertical.  Peoplesource also had fast growth fueled both organically and through several acquisitions, by merging and having Peoplestore focus on temporary labor and Peoplesource focus on professional permanent search the companies realize much more synergies as they approach $100M in sales establishing themselves as one of the largest firms in the country.