In 2001, with six years of conferencing expertise at Bell under his belt, Frank co-founded and established Enunciate Conferencing. Armed with not much more than a dream and a phone in a small 10 x 10 office, Frank set off to essentially build a better mouse trap and provide a boutique experience for Canadian businesses that didn’t have many alternatives besides the Canadian telcos at the time. By design, this company would not only provision traditional conferencing services, but would also introduce next generation conferencing and collaboration services in anticipation of future market demands.

Enunciate started off with the single most fundamental conferencing product of that time (reservationless audio conferencing), perfected it and then proceeded to launch one successful product after another. Within five years, Enunciate launched nine collaboration products founded upon leading-edge technology and impeccable customer service.

In 2004 and 2005, Enunciate was listed as one of Profit Magazine’s “Hot 50” Canadian companies. In 2006, Enunciate was named one of the Top 20 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada.

In late 2006, exactly 5 years after venturing out in that 100 square foot office with a bootstrap budget, Enunciate was divested to Premiere Global Services based out of Atlanta for $30,000,000 setting valuation and scale records that still stand to this day.

Wish Mobile

In 2009, Frank purchased ET Communications for approximately $2,000,000, a Bell Mobility wireless communications provider servicing the business and consumer market for the past 18 years. ET Cellular would operate under the new company name Wish Mobile, continuing to grow its successful base under the Wish Group umbrella. Over the past fifteen years ET Cellular has built up an enviable foundation and reputation for unparalleled customer service, known to hire some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Wish Mobile’s objective was to maintain and precede the delivering of the latest wireless, data technology while following through on promises and making each customer experience an enjoyable one. As a result, by 2010 Wish Mobile was recognized as one of Bell Canada’s fastest growing dealers which ultimately led to the divestiture of the business 3 years after the purchase in 2012 for approximately $7,600,000.