Introduction to the Wish Group

Frank Cianciulli speaks about entrepreneurship, his journey to success, and giving back to the community to help future entrepreneurs carry out their dream.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

In his acceptance speech for Entrepreneur of the Year, Frank laments on how he ignored the experts and instead chose to follow his dreams to create Enunciate Conferencing.

Frank Cianciulli on CEO TV

Frank talks about the origins of his career and how he believed he could build a company to compete with the titans of the industry.

Frank Cianciulli - Top 40 under 40 Award

Franks nomination for the Top 40 Under 40 Award, showcasing some of the successes throughout the early stages of his career.

York Alumni Community Leader Profile

Frank Cianciulli speaks about his time at York University and his passion for giving back through the dean’s advisory board.