Wish Capital is the investment arm of The Wish Group managed by Frank. The investment portfolio is a diversified combination of both private and public Canadian companies along with commercial, luxury vacation, urban modern and real estate development property.

The team at Wish Capital are passionate entrepreneurs committed to making sound investments in fellow entrepreneurs who share the same values and principles of creating value for all stakeholders and operating with the utmost of integrity. Being operators ourselves and having extensive experience building hyper fast growth startups, we realize the challenges facing many early stage entrepreneurs trying to bring their vision to life and executing on a business plan. The Canadian investment climate has matured over the years, there are plenty of angel and seed investment options for entrepreneurs but there is a difference between smart money and Venture Capitalists who have agendas very different than the entrepreneur. What Wish Capital offers besides investment dollars is a turnkey experience which includes advisory services, office space, full operational support from operations, IT, accounting and finance and marketing, to possible cross selling opportunities to our thousands of existing small, medium and enterprise clients. When partnering with Wish Capital you’re not only getting the required growth capital your business needs, but you get a proven integrated support system that guarantees success.

We don’t just work on our investment portfolio like so many other funders, we are operating alongside our investment practice and that keeps us sharp and our ears to the ground to keep abreast of the trends. Our success system that has created several Profit Hot 50 Start Ups is based on creating strong sales and marketing cultures and ensuring a business has the processes and systems in place to ensure quick revenue to fuel growth and avoid having to go back to the capital markets constantly and ensuring entrepreneurs don’t lose their focus on raising capital as opposed to executing their business plans. Historically we’ve invested in companies that are related to our existing operating experience to maximize the results and it ensures that if things don’t go exactly as planned, we have our experience to fall back on in order to implement and leverage our synergies. That being said we are well diversified and as long as the business plan meets our criteria of B2B, reoccurring revenue and low capital expenditures and we believe in the entrepreneur and management team then we will strongly consider investing.

Some of our most notable private investments include:

Co-founded Peoplestore which is one of Canada’s fastest growing staffing agencies providing full managed on-site services to some of the largest companies in the country.

Momentum Conferencing
Co-founded Momentum Conferencing in 2004 which provides audio, video and web conferencing, as well as residential and commercial VoIP services in Western Canada and the U.S.

One Connect
Through a merger of an earlier start-up that we incubated, OneConnect has grown to be Canada’s largest independent business telecommunications provider and Canada’s premiere VoIP Company. Servicing over 5 000 businesses nationally all while being a nimble provider of integrated voice, network collaborations and cloud services in industries that range from hospitality, to real estate to retail.

In 2006, Frank also became shareholder and Chairman of Healthscreen Solutions (MDU-TSX), a medical services company. Under Frank’s guidance as Chairman, Healthscreen earned the #1 spot on Profit Magazines “Hot 50” in 2007. The firm was later acquired by Optimed Software which is Canada’s largest healthcare IT software providers.

Diversified Real Estate Portfolio which include:

High end vacation such as Trump Towers Sunny Isles and Freed Developments Muskoka, residential Toronto Condominiums primarily through investments with Freed Developments and multi-use residential and commercial development land primarily thought investments in Walton Capital and we like to own the commercial buildings we house our own operating companies.

Past investments include:

Universal energy (Public RTO), Benton Resources (Public RTO), Norvista Resources (Public RTO), Bandera (Public RTO), Mooncor (Public RTO), Maxim (Public RTO)