Connection, Cooperation, Collaboration, and Cultivation.

This is the basis of the Wish Group and these are the seeds we scatter among the Wish Group family and into yours.

While we clearly embrace technology, Wish Group has always been a bit more of an old fashioned ‘white glove’ company and have always taken great pride with our human interaction and personal connection. While we are always mindful of staying current in our industry and offering competitive services and prices, we have never been about outside competition. The Wish Group of companies has always been in competition with ourselves, being better than we were yesterday and always motivated to outdo our last records, achievements and levels of service. We are a deep and purposeful company with its own unique practice.

Wish Group is a collection of companies anchored by entrepreneurial passion, run by hard work and growing because of integrity. We continue to focus on becoming the premier business solutions provider in Canada by providing diversified services to Canadian clients across industries.

We strongly believe our people are the single greatest resource to success. When you combine great ideas with great people, you have an unstoppable force.

The energy of our ambitious team combined with proven leadership excellence creates a cohesive organization that focuses on providing exceptional service to our business clientele.