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Ben Lirangi Takes the Reigns as Director of Business Development

FOR RELEASE January 26, 2016.

ben-lirangi-profileThe Streaming Network continues to build its specialized team of consultants and has recently brought on its newest team member Ben Lirangi as its new Director of Business Development.

“Prior to joining The Streaming Network, Ben represented our ideal customer, a senior marketer who was looking for better marketing technology to move potential buyers through the funnel and provide his sales team with qualified leads,” said Matt Ley, President, Streaming Network.    “Seeing his excitement about our product and services lets me know he is going to be a tremendous ambassador for the brand.”

Lirangi brings 20 years of professional marketing and business development experience to the Streaming Network, with senior leadership positions in organizations across  sectors such as Bell TV, Areoplan/Aimia, Sears Canada, Education First and most recently LexisNexis (as Head of Marketing) .  It is this extensive expertise that will assist Lirangi in building targeted content marketing for his Streaming Network clients.

“With me now joining The Streaming Network, I believe that I can leverage my previous professional experiences across an array of B2B and B2C companies and sectors, and continue the rapid growth of The Streaming Network business,” said Lirangi.

With the emergence of marketing technology Lirangi has seen the affects first hand in the B2B technology sector and understands how the market leading tools offered by The Streaming Network can greatly benefit those in roles he is most comfortable in.

“Before joining The Streaming Network, I researched the market and very quickly I realized that even though webcasting and webinar platforms have been around for the past decade, the market and technology is changing so rapidly based on customer and business requirements,” he said.  “I do think that we are at a  ‘tipping point’ as the market is under serviced and has a great deal of future growth potential.”

Lirangi identifies his consultative role as one that helps to address and solve the Marketer’s challenges.   “I want to identify what keeps them up at night,” he said, “And find the right product for them.”

With the array of content marketing solutions offered with The Streaming Network he can see numerous ways to assist with all areas of an organization when used effectively.

“Marketers can greatly benefit from virtual events or specifically a webinar/webcast based marketing platform.  This will greatly assist companies by driving more new sales revenue, enhance their end to end lead generation process and optimize their existing content marketing strategy.  I see this application be most relevant in B2B sectors such as technology and consulting like corporate management, IT, engineering, architecture and construction,” he said.  “Looking at virtual events, they are a great tool to drive customer & employee engagement by providing a positive user experience so the audience can best consume key information and content I also see virtual events as a great communication tool for internal communications such as  a CEO address or Town-hall and learning management communications such as sales team training, new employee onboarding or continuing education.”

Like any good marketer, Lirangi was thorough in his research of The Streaming Network while planning this next chapter in his career.  “In reviewing the current webcasting, webinar marketing platforms and virtual events product solutions in the market, the one product offering that always came up top in class and scored highest in customer satisfaction research studies was the ON24 Elite platform. With The Streaming Network’s strategic partnership and preferred distribution agreement in Canada, I knew that I would have access to the best in class technology and product platform which in my view is a clear cut competitive advantage in a very dynamic and fierce market,” he said.

As he begins to build the technology and consulting sectors for The Streaming Network, Lirangi knows that he brings something unique to the table. “I can draw upon my career experiences, and share insights and guidance on how best to compliment a marketer’s content marketing strategy faster!” he said.  “I know what works, and what doesn’t and I can share these findings with customers.”

Bringing a peer to peer approach to his consultations with other senior marketers or executives will also allow him to ask the right questions to understand clients’ business objectives before ascertaining which solution will serve best.

But it’s not only the platform that brought Lirangi to The Streaming Network, a company of the Wish Group.

“I have always been very impressed with strategic vision and leadership by Matt Ley, President at The Streaming Network and Frank Cianciulli CEO of Wish Group as they continue to effectively grow,” he said.  “I have joined a market leading entrepreneurial and customer centric organization where I can learn and grow, add value for the team’s collective success, and have some fun along the way!”

To contact Ben Lirangi for your content marketing needs:

Phone: 416.640.9766

To contact Matt Ley, President The Streaming Network:

Phone: 416.204.0122

About The Streaming Network:

The Streaming Network is an enhanced communications provider offering Event Level Webcasting, Event Conferencing, and IP video conferencing services. Founded by Frank Cianciulli, Chairman and CEO of the Wish Group and good friend Matt Ley, The Streaming Network (SN) has operated providing services to North American Corporate Clients since 2006.

SN’s future lies in setting industry standards amongst the webcasting and IP video conferencing arena and is currently working to accomplish this monumental task one successful project at a time.

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