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Success Can Be Replicated

By December 14, 2016July 24th, 2017Wish Group, Entrepreneurial

Success Can Be Replicated

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you probably know a little bit about who I am. I’m going to fill you in with more information and unveil a project that my team at Wish Group and The Streaming Network has been working on.

As an established entrepreneur in Toronto, I am proud to say that I have launched and co-founded multiple successful businesses over the past 15 years. A brief summary of Wish Group can be seen here: Through this summary, you can see that success can be replicated! I have had many mentors over the past 15 years, and they had a strong positive impact on my knowledge, growth and success. I want to multiply my ability to mentor others and spread the seeds of success.

Over the past 15 years I have been asked many of the same questions from aspiring entrepreneurs. Each time I answer these questions, it may provide the knowledge or the spark that sets someone else’s business journey on fire. I want to share my passion and my success with as many people as possible, so my team has helped me create a video series called Bootstrap. These videos provide insights for the self-funded entrepreneur, including ideas of how to get started, best practices for business, strategies that have or haven’t worked for my businesses, how I’ve scaled my business without the benefit of venture capital or bank financing, and so much more.

Including other people on my journey through success has been something that keeps me inspired. No one achieves success completely alone, and you cannot celebrate success alone either.

Join me on a journey towards your own success; sign up to gain VIP access to the Bootstrap series! Bootstrap is scheduled to launch Wednesday, January 11th, but you can get the videos before anyone else. As a VIP member you’ll get the first video directly to your inbox January 4th, and after that, you’ll receive each video a full week before it’s launched.

Not only are the videos delivered to your email for convenience, you get an edge over the competition!


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