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By May 30, 2018Press

An in-depth conversation about building a company as an entrepreneur and how Frank did it.

Frank joins the Truth + Dare Podcast, the podcast for entrepreneurs and those that think like one. This episode is meant to educate aspiring entrepreneurs of the mindset you need to succeed, the upcoming challenges, and understand how Frank made a successful startup business.

Breaking into the telemarketing industry is where it all started, Frank left behind his summer job working for UPS and went towards working a cold calling sales job and loved it. Afterwards, Frank used his sales work ethic to move towards the B2B telecommunications conferencing industry. In the early stages, Frank saw an opportunity in the teleconferencing market to grow a business and improve the industry. Having limited knowledge of launching a startup made the process harder and took Frank nearly 5 years to get started, all while Frank was continuing his education towards becoming a lawyer. Now he’s CEO of the Wish Group which is a collection of companies that focuses on becoming the premier business solutions provider in Canada. Listen how you can master the basics of survival in entrepreneurship just like Frank.

Apple iTunes: Episode 16

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Truth + Dare is an agency that understands, supports and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit like no other. Truth + Dare is on a mission to become THE creative and digital agency for growth-obsessed businesses across Canada.


Wish Group is a collection of companies anchored by entrepreneurial passion, run by hard work and growing because of integrity. We continue to focus on becoming the premier business solutions provider in Canada by providing diversified services to Canadian clients across industries. We strongly believe our people are the single greatest resource to success. When you combine great ideas with great people, you have an unstoppable force. The energy of our ambitious team combined with proven leadership excellence creates a cohesive organization that focuses on providing exceptional service to our business clientele.
2800 Skymark Ave Suite #501,
Mississauga, ON L4W 5A6
T: (416) 640-9765

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