Marissa Soragnese Producer & Studio Manager

After steadfastly climbing through the ranks in her 5+ years at the Wish Group, Marissa has now found a home in our Mississauga Production Studio. Dynamic, ambitious, and willing to take on any challenge thrown her way, she’s a creative type who loves the arts and involving herself in unique projects, like dancing on skyscrapers in hip-hop videos. Her role has her putting her Audio Engineering background, and her eye for detail, to good use. Marissa is on the front line, making sure all projects run smoothly and on time, keeping on top of communications, and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of the client while upholding the values of the Wish Group.

Streaming Network Studios is a one stop shop with everything you need to take your content to the next level including lights, mics, choice of sets, green screen, up to two cameras, innovative show themes, a full day of shooting and post production.

Ideal For

  • Corporate videos
  • CEO messages
  • Training videos
  • Webinars
  • Content marketing videos

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