Matt Ley, Co-Founder & President

Matthew Ley is the President of The Streaming Network. Matt was introduced to Webcasting and related services when he met Frank Cianciulli at Enunciate Conferencing, who hired him as an Account Manager back in 2004 at the tender age of 24. With experience in food distribution sales while employed at Gordon Food Services of Canada, the telecom world was completely new to Matt. The fast paced and continuously changing environment of Enunciate Conferencing was a great place for him to learn and succeed. After 3 successful years as an Account Manager, Matt was promoted to Web Services Specialist supporting the web collaboration and new webcasting services offered by Enunciate. In his dealings with vendors and clients, Matthew became intrigued by the opportunity that webcasting could afford the company.

“As an employee at Enunciate I had seen the demand for virtual events and webcasting solutions grow, but felt that there was a massive void in the Canadian market,” says Matt. “Frank inspired me to go into business for myself, and in less than 12 months from that conversation we had started The Streaming Network.”

Matt leads the direct sales force and personally manages key channel relationships.

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