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Believe You Can and You’re Halfway There

By March 14, 2016Wish Group, Entrepreneurial

Believe you can and you're halfway there

Like most things, when it comes to belief, if you don’t have it you can’t share it. Since getting into sales and most definitely when I started Enunciate, I knew I had to share my positive beliefs with my team which meant I had to fill my mind with the right thoughts and maintain a positive attitude. Some tips I wanted to share that helps me achieve this (not always so successfully) is firstly I live by the mantra of “never a bad day, only bad moments.”

Make the Commitment

It all starts with making a commitment to never let myself have a bad day. It doesn’t matter how many bad or challenging moments occur (and we know they occur in business), at the end of the day, I make sure to identify enough good and uplifting moments to declare it a good day.

For Every Bad There’s A Good

I’m not always perfect, but I definitely discovered that when I approach the challenges of the day with a positive and helpful attitude to serve others, it not only uplifts my spirits, but also sets the tone for the entire organization. You can have the same impact with your teammates, clients, family and in other areas of your life. Instead of allowing myself to focus on the negative, I create moments of gratitude and focus on the positive, because ultimately I’ve realized that no matter what, there is ALWAYS something positive happening in our business.

Stay Positive

Being positive is beyond a feeling and words, it’s also reflected in your body language, facial expressions, demeanor and the inflection in your voice. Let’s commit to avoiding complaining at all costs (this is harder than it sounds) and avoid being an energy vampire. One negative comment can sabotage a teammate’s day or performance, so keep in mind that being a complainer or negative doesn’t only affect you, but hurts everybody you come into contact with.

So with that said let’s make a commitment to focus on the positive powerful week!


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