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Industry-Leading Webcasting Technology That Fits Your Budget

By February 18, 2020May 18th, 2021Press

Recently, we launched a new product and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it.

Engage Webinars ( is a new, innovative webinar platform that lets you go beyond presenting and start engaging.

We’ve been a leading provider of enterprise webinar technology for over a decade, and in that time, we have advocated the importance of engagement. It is a message has resonated strongly with customers, prospects and the greater webinar community.  

But we also saw a problem. Webinar producers only had two options available to them: low-cost meeting tools posing as webinar platforms with few additional features and limited engagement options, or high-cost enterprise webinar platforms with all the imaginable bells and whistles. But the price differential between the two was so great that many webinar producers were forced to make decisions based strictly on budget, as opposed to which platform was best suited for their business needs. 

We just changed that. 

The Engage Webinar Platform is built on industry leading webcasting technology, but to fit the budget of almost any company or webinar program. 

So, what does this mean for your business? 

Well, to begin with, your logo will always be featured front and centre, not ours. Too many webinar platforms prominently feature their branding when YOUR customers and prospects are participating in your webinar. They do this to drive their own business development to your audiences.

With Engage, you can customize every aspect of your webinar event from the registration page, to marketing emails, to the webinar console itself. You put your brand forward, promote the title of your program, and define which features you want audiences to interact with. You can even create a unique layout of your webinar event.

Another feature that will help increase attendance is the fact that we’ve eliminated the need for downloads, plugins or apps. Audiences can access your event on any device, at any time. 

Why is this important? Well, for one thing, research tells us that 74% of webinars attract mobile attendees. Every other meeting tool in the market requires an app to be downloaded to participate on mobile devices.

But we know that attendees often don’t have a specific webinar app downloaded on their phone, which creates a whole set of hurdles to participate in a webinar – hurdles that are suppressing attendance. 

Now, we call it Engage for a reason. That’s because far too many meeting platforms can’t facilitate true engagement, at all. Did you know that only 11% of attendees interact directly with webinars?

If the only feature available to you is the ability to post a Q&A box or a chat window, how do you create meaningful engagement? With the Engage Webinars platform, we know that choice helps with engagement. 

That’s why we provide over 15 different interactive opportunities. 

Let’s start with feedback.

You can poll your audience throughout the event, allow attendees to chat with you and one another in real time, and survey attendees throughout the event or upon exit. And, of course, you can also add a Q&A box.

We also allow you to drive viewers to the next stage in the buyer’s journey with custom calls to action or by opening a frame to a website with, say, a free trial. You can also allow audience members to download some thought leadership content such as whitepapers or PDFs of your presentation.

We even allow you to extend the reach of your webinar with social sharing or by inviting colleagues to post to social media during the event.

Even though there are no apps or downloads, everyone can interact with all these different engagement features throughout your webinar, no matter what device they are using.

Engage also allows our clients to access the most robust webinar analytics in the market.  Engage analytics go way beyond simply showing you who showed up. We track who registered for both live and on demand. Engage allows you to leverage cross webinar reporting to see how well your campaigns performed, and if individuals have engaged with more than one of your webinars. 

But most importantly, Engage allows you to track all the interactions a user performs while on your webinar. If a user clicks on a link, sends a message, or downloads a document from the console, our post-event reports will capture this activity.

Why is this depth of analytics important? 

Let’s look at two webinar viewers: webinar Viewer A watches for 45 minutes while Viewer B watches for 35 minutes. But which is a better lead? If this is the limit of your audience insights, then it may be easy to conclude that Viewer A was more engaged and is, therefor, a better prospect.

But by diving into the engagement analytics, we will see that webinar Viewer B downloaded more resources, responded to more polls and asked more questions. If we go deeper on the engagement analytics, we additionally see that Viewer B also clicked on your CTA and came back to view three other on-demand webinars that you produced in the last 90 days. So, Viewer B is not only the better prospect, he or she is, in fact, a sales-ready lead.

Finally, lets look at what you can do with your Engage webinar when the live event has ended. According to research data, live events are where we get most audiences.

But did you know that over a third of B2B webinar viewers (36%) prefer to view the event on demand? In 2019, data tells us, average view time for an on-demand webinar, was 44 minutes. That’s a lot of minutes on a pre-recorded piece of content. So, there are significant on-demand engagement opportunities.

That’s why we made sure that every interactive option available on live is available on demand. And, of course, we are tracking all of it, to ensure that the on-demand webinar is just as valuable to you as your live webinar. 

That’s our new webinar platform in a nutshell. If you’re interested in a free trial, click hear, and start truly engaging with your webinar audience.

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